A Vampire Weekend At the Buena Vista Social Club?

liz-musicInterview question, “Liz Hedgecock, do you ever listen to music when you write? What kind?

Liz Hedgecock,If I’m at my desk, absolutely – I like a bit of familiar noise going on. I did have a period when I would just play Buena Vista Social Club on repeat, but now I tend to put a mix on. I’ll usually go for British 80s pop – Scritti Politti, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Human League, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran – or US rock – Blitzen Trapper, John Hiatt, White Denim, Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend. How does this help me write mysteries set in Victorian London? I have no idea.”

Inspiration Here, There and Everywhere…

maria-countrysideInterview question: “Maria Lawless, what is your least favorite thing about writing?”

Maria Lawless, “My least favourite thing about writing would be being interrupted when I am in the flow. This may be why I prefer to write late at night or early in the morning while the kids are asleep and the world is quiet. Unfortunately, I have very active muses, so I see inspiration in everything. Rarely, do they wait until a convenient time to ignite the flow of words, and it doesn’t stop until they are all written down.”

Marketing and Mice? What’s In Your Shopping Cart?

val-marketing-and-mice-1Interview Question: “Val Portelli, what is your least favourite thing about writing?”

Val Portelli, “Marketing: a) It’s strange that writers are typically introverts, which is why they can lose themselves in the realms of fantasy, and yet marketing is such an extrovert occupation. ‘Look at me. Aren’t I wonderful? Buy my books,’ is something alien to the nature of most authors, which is probably why I find it difficult.”


“Mice: b)  I’m scared stiff of the little critters, especially when they get a mind of their own and dance all over the screen despite being fed with new batteries. (This is just an aside as the non 4-legged kind have been invaded by demons, and keep clicking on irrelevant advertising.)”


The Conduit Zone


Interview Question: Sue Wentz, “Do you ever listen to music when you write? If so, what kind?”

Sue Wentz: At home, there’s always music playing in the background while I’m writing or editing. (The exception is if I’m reading things back to myself out loud.) Music is a great conduit to the right brain “zone” where the effortless creative stuff happens. I think it makes it easier to tap into the emotions of my characters, too.

Also, if I’m temporarily stuck on something, I keep my own guitar within reach. It gives me a break without shifting out of creativity mode.

What I’m listening to often depends on what I’m writing. (Or maybe what I’m writing depends on what I’m listening to.) I tend to go for acoustic versions of songs, if available, especially for pop/rock music. YouTube is great for making up playlists, by the way. My picks are in constant revision, but for a current sampling—in no particular order: Rob Thomas – “This Is How A Heart Breaks” Sara Bareilles – “Gravity” Stone Sour – “Miracles” DHT – “Listen To Your Heart” Cristin Milioti, Steve Kazee (the cast of “Once”) – “Falling Slowly” Phil Collins – “In The Air Tonight” Seether (with Amy Lee) – “Broken” And if I’m going into full-on literary mode, I can’t beat putting Samuel Barber’s “Adagio For Strings” on repeat.