Pre-Dawn In the Man Cave

20272163_1969428453293523_338388786_n[2]Question: Mark Reynolds, where in the world did you write your first novel?
Mark Reynolds: “I think maybe a better way to answer this question isn’t so much WHERE in the world do I write, but WHEN in the world do I write–and that’s mostly in the pre-dawn hours! I write at home in my man-cave space, but I’ve been finding that my most productive hours are in the period most people would find between sleep and wake. I wrote Chasing the Northern Light almost exclusively between 3 AM and 6 AM. My wife works a very early shift whe20631819_1975821595987542_832662194_n[2]re she works–she’s up and out of the house by 3AM, so considering how busy the rest of my life is, that time makes for the perfect time. Perhaps I’ll revisit the day’s work in the evening, but mainly it’s only for r20624151_1975821569320878_948165885_n[1]eview and immediately-pressing edits. Otherwise, that’s my practice. For my new project, I’ve been doing a lot of the writing on my deck outside with doors to the inside closed. It’s a nature-based piece, and I figure that mindset is crucial for the story I want to tell. Of course, that’s mostly during the day and evening hours, so the progress on it is slow and steady, and I work on it outside of my regular-job working hours. The struggle is real!! I’m not against finding different places to write in the future, because like choosing a new book to read, you never know what worlds you’ll discover.”