Tale Spin

Maxwell DavidsonDo you remember the first story you ever wrote?

Maxwell Davidson– “The first time I really remember the story, the one that set it off, was a high school assignment for Robinson Crusoe’s last journal entry. I managed to tie in a conspiracy theory involving the HMS Bounty and then killed off the main character mid-sentence. I read for the class, and they were ANGRY. But I realized that meant they were invested enough to BE angry, and if I could spin a tale like that in the wee morning hours before it was due…Imagine if I really put my mind to it?”

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Trained to Write


Paula Harmon – ‘Describe your writing space’ – “Hiya thanks for the opportunity – theoretically it’s a small white desk in front of a bookcase in my front room. In reality it’s wherever I am when I have time and inclination to write – often on trains, pulling the faces I imagine my characters are pulling and scaring other passengers.

At this moment I’m on a train trying to get home! Paula Harmon 1I was planning to write on this journey but it’s been a bit fraught.”

If you’ve ever read anything Paula has written, even her email messages, you know that being ‘a bit fraught’ serves her well! To learn more about Paula check out her Amazon page or her blog.



Write Where I’m At

dawn debraal authorAuthor Dawn DeBraal

Interview Question – Can you describe your writing space?

My personal writing space is where I am. I write in the car when Tim is driving. I write sitting in a chair, in a box with a fox. When it happens there are no distractions. My mind is shut off from the outside world, and I just write.

I have terrible hand writing. The only time I write on paper is if I don’t have my lap top and I want to capture my thoughts. I do carry a pad in my purse but 99.5 % of the time I type it.

Dawn’s drabbles are frequently included in many of the Black Hare Press Anthologies  which will be available for purchase soon.

You can read samples of some of Dawn’s stories at these online links:

Moving Day

Digging a Hole to China

Weeping for the Willows


Hello? I am there?

girl-3141445__340It has been one and a half years since I’ve posted an interview. What happened in the mean time?

We cast my father’s ashes.

We buried my step-dad.

I started writing short stories. Actually have had some of them accepted and published.

I won a book contract when I submitted a winning poem to the Clarendon House Publishing Cadence Poetry Anthology.

My mom broke her wrist, then her foot. We set up a MASSIVE rummage sale of my father’s miscellaneous leftover things. How can someone accummulate SO many things?

But I’m back now. I’ve sent out some requests for responses to my interview questions. We’ll see who’s up next.