A Weeping Mess

julie glasses pencilAnother author you wish you knew: Julie Eger answers the question: Has there ever been a book that made you cry? Which one and why?

I read a lot so this question caught me by surprise and upon first thought the book that came to mind was “The Notebook.” I remember wiping the tears from my eyes as I read about Noah’s deep and unshakable love for Allie. It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I was a weeping mess by the time I got done reading the story. When they made it into a film, I cried at the end of the movie too.

The Tale Dictates

Rick HaynesAnother author you wish you knew answers the question – how do you choose the names for your characters in a fictional story? Rick Haynes

“To answer your question about naming characters, here are my thoughts. 1. It depends on the genre and dateline. 2. If my tale is set in medieval times, I use Norse names but sometimes slightly amend the spelling. 3. If the tale is modern, I seek out a few uncommon names, and change the spelling. 4. Turning names around can also work, especially adding on a nickname to the original. EG. Edward Hamilton changes to Hamilton Edward or even Warde Hammermilton.”



If They Sound Like Mud

Paula Harmon 2How do you choose the names for your characters in a fictional story?

Paula Harmon, “I either pick names by the date when it’s set and the age of the character (e.g. if they were born in 1923, I’ll look up the top 100 names and go from there, but you do have to be careful you’re looking at the list for the right country! There’s often quite a difference between US & UK.) I didn’t used to do this and then realised that one of my characters had a name that was obviously so old-fashioned at the time it wasn’t even in the top 200. With my series set in 2nd Century West Britain I have a bit of leeway – there aren’t many actual Romans (for whom I have to look up possible names on various websites) and for the British I either use Welsh names or a variation thereof or I simply make them up. I have two characters in the second book (still being edited) called Dun and Gris who are rather unlucky grave-robbers, so I just picked words that sort of sound like mud colour!

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