Under Her Black Wings

anthoebookSome other authors you wish you knew. The women who wrote the 2020 Women of Horror Anthology. You’ll find their stories in “Under Her Black Wings.” Who knows? Maybe this book, written by women only, will win the Bram Stoker award!



Kandisha Press

– A glamorous actress whose very flesh is reanimated by a beloved Hollywood icon

– A Boy Scout Troupe encounters a frightening mythological creature in an American forest

– A lonely woman finds a home among a group of lost-and-found souls, all cared for by a tentacled sea-creature called Mother

– A Faceless Woman attacks like a virus and takes on the identities of her victims

– A post-apocalyptic battle for survival rages between human and insect

– A Shadow Woman leads the spirits of the murdered to take revenge in the desert

These are just some of the stories nineteen women came up with when tasked with creating their own Women Monsters. Step inside and experience tales of bloodsucking entities in the jungles of Southeast Asia, Cuban river goddesses, an Aztec bruja, werewolves, mermaids, soul-stealers, obsessive lovers, furious spurned wives, bloody murder in Gothic manors and on Southern plantations… and so much more…

With Foreword by Brandon Scott (Author of Vodou and Sleight, Devil Dog Press)


Christy Aldridge

Carmen Baca

Somer Canon

Andrea Dawn

Dawn DeBraal

Michelle Garza

Sharon Frame Gay

Alys Hobbs

Tina Isaacs

Stevie Kopas

Marie Lanza

Melissa Lason

Malena Salazar MacÃa

Charlotte Munro

Lydia Prime

Paula R.C. Readman

Copper Rose

Yolanda Sfetsos

With cover art by Corinne Halbert

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Hungry Thing- Gnawing to be Read

Hungry thing photo combination red

Another author (and illustrator) you wish you knew – Author Shawn Klimek and Illustrator Norbert Somosi talk about their collaborative effort when it came to creating a highly unique, dark fantasy told in five poems, “Hungry Thing.”

Shawn, what was it like for you to collaborate with Norbert on this project?

“Working with Norbert has been an honor. First of all, what he cares most about is his art and vision. When I discovered his artwork I asked him whether he had ever illustrated poetry before. He replied by inviting me to show him some of my poetry. His openness to the idea was very welcoming. He did not commit yet because he had no idea who I was, and said he only wanted to do work that inspired him. I sent him three poems, one of which was “the hungry thing“. He said he was drawn to it and could immediately visualize a drawing.

One thing led to another and I wrote five poems, instead. He was flexible, creative, and prioritized the quality of our collaboration. He pressed for what was important to him and accommodated what was important to me. It was an ideal collaboration. We treated each other like artists with a shared vision.”

Norbert, what was it like for you to collaborate with Shawn on this project?

“The collaboration with Shawn was a positive learning experience for me, even though I knew it would take a long time to finish this project. At the beginning I accepted it because one of his first poems reminded me of my childhood, when I was living in a little village and we would go play in a forest nearby. It is very easy to work with Shawn. We discussed every detail several times so that we were both satisfied with the end result.”

All proceeds from “Hungry Thing” go to the Jay Mehta fund until the end of February 2020.

You can learn more about “Hungry Thing”, Shawn Klimek and Norbert Somosi at these links:




Shawn M Klimek Author