Culturally and Character Driven

Carmen Baca

Another author you wish you knew – Carmen Baca answers the question—what is her favorite story she ever wrote?

My first book “El Hermano” will always be special for many reasons, chiefly because I wrote it 25 years before it published in 2017, because it’s about my father’s life, and because it made my dream of being an author come true. After that, I fell in love with short stories, inspired by the back stories of the secondary characters from that book. Now, many of my characters from one book or short story become the main characters of other works. It’s almost like this “family” of elders and people from my childhood want their stories told, so I oblige.

I’m proud of my second book because it taught me I can write horror and mystery; I never knew I could do that till I wrote it. The third book, a collection of short stories, is special because I used some of my culture’s folk tales and legends to create my own cuentos. The fifth is a new genre for me, something I didn’t know I could write either: a murder mystery with three plots told as a short story cycle. I write in diverse genres to keep writing fun and to challenge myself. It’s a big part of why writing is such a joy for me.

I have quite a few short stories I’m especially proud of for different reasons: “Guardian Spirit” because it’s about guardian angels and what they do for both man and animal. “La Luna” is another I’m proud of due to the imagery and tradition interwoven in the story. “The House” and “The Wallflowers,” two of my most recent hit close to home since both are based on true stories.

I write for several reasons—I love writing—every single step of it from concept to marketing after publication. The creative process of discovering characters and their stories is the most fun activity I want to do as long as I have life and an active, vivid imagination. I enjoy sharing my stories, and in my small way, I am trying my best to give a voice to my northern New Mexico Hispanic culture. Our traditions are dying with each generation; I’m endeavoring to keep them alive through literature.

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Unbreakable Bonds

Jan McCulloch

Another author you wish you knew – Jan McCulloch answers the question of what is her favorite piece she ever wrote. Jan mentions her poem “Back Then.”

“This was my first ever poem so I was thrilled to have it chosen for publication by Clarendon House. The poem is about my wonderful old dog Dougie who taught me so much and was a gentle, loyal working sheepdog. There is a very special bond forged between these hardy working dogs and their shepherds. I am so lucky to have his daughter and his great grandson to work with today.”

I have read Jan’s poem and even though it makes me cry I can’t help wanting to read it again, it is that good! It catches you right in the heart.

Jan is the author of “A Little Dog’s Prayer.”

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